Dental Services

Regular dental visits are essential to make sure oral health problems — from tooth decay to oral cancer — are detected and treated in a timely manner. At our office, your oral health is our paramount concern. We want to make sure your teeth stay healthy, function well and look great! From regular cleanings and exams to advanced restorative treatments, all of your routine dental needs can be met right here.

Services we offer include:

Preventive Care

The goal of preventive care is to maintain healthy teeth and gums so that optimal oral health can be achieved.  There are many studies showing how the health of your mouth is very much connected to your general health.  For example, people with periodontal disease (gum disease with bone loss) are twice as likely to die from a heart attack and three times as likely to die from a stroke.  Don’t be discouraged if it has been a while since you have had a cleaning.  Our hygienists are very gentle, but thorough in their assessment of your gums and can give you advice on how to tackle any trouble spots.  We will provide whatever level of cleaning you need to get your mouth in top shape.

Dr. DeWalder also has a VELscope Vx light that can allow her to see 3 – 4 cell layers under the surface to check for any oral mucosal abnormalities.  The assessment with the Velscope Vx is a 2 minute oral exam with no rinses, stains, or discomfort.  It is a blue light that stimulates natural fluorescence in the soft tissues of your mouth.  This light helps us identify oral disease early, while it’s still easy to treat.  If found early, oral cancer’s 5-year survival rate is ~83%; if found late, the 5-year survival rate drops to ~32%.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is a broad term that can apply to improving your smile with tooth-colored fillings, crown and bridge, veneers (composite or porcelain), or a retainer-style snap-on device like SnapOnSmile. Some patients can get the smile they desire just from whitening their teeth.  We offer take-home products, custom trays, and an in-office one hour treatment where you can see dramatic results right away.  At Fletcher Family Dentistry, we strive to give people options that can fit any budget.

Dental Implants

The oral surgeon placing the implant and the restoring dentist will plan your specific case.  Today’s technology has advanced to allow 3D images of your jaw to assess the bone levels and proximity of nerves. Dental implants can be used in a variety of ways. Patients who are only missing one tooth can have a single implant with a crown. Patients who have multiple missing teeth in a row can have implants to support a bridge. Denture patients can have implants placed with attachments built into the denture to allow the denture to snap into place.

Oral Surgery

Oral surgery can range from a simple or surgical tooth extraction to soft tissue procedures like a frenectomy or removing excessive gum tissue. The doctor will always make sure you are fully numb and comfortable prior to proceeding. For those who are anxious, a prescription can be given to take one hour prior to the appointment to help reduce stress/anxiety or a referral can be made to an oral surgeon if IV sedation is preferred.

Emergency Dental Treatment

If you have a life-threatening or severe injury, call 911 or go directly to the nearest hospital emergency room. We can treat a variety of traumatic dental injuries, including teeth that have been chipped, moved, or knocked out entirely. Please call our office for assistance.

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